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McCormick Gourmet Collection, Spanish Saffron, 0.06-Ounce Unit2013-05-02
I bought this saffron because of the excellent price (around 25% less than most grocery stores). This saffron itself arrived well packaged by McCormick and I could tell that it was fresh as soon as I opened the jar. Now here%u2019s the thing about saffron: because it is so EXPENSIVE, there are some disreputable suppliers out there that will mix crocus stigmas (where real saffron comes from) with safflower stigmas that have been dyed red. How do you tell the difference? Well taste for one. Adulterated saffron has this stale, almost plastic-like taste. Another way is to mix a bit with a glass of water. The real stuff will turn the water BRIGHT yellow, while the cheap stuff turns it this murky yellow-orangeish color. McCormick? Bright, clear yellow-tinted water. Completely unadulterated. Great product, great buy. Highly recommended.
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